With the increasing cost of tuition and books, attending college can grow to be very expensive over the years.  Not only do you have to pay your tuition, you also have to pay for your housing, transportation, and other expenses while you are in school.  Managing your bills and staying on track with your studies can become very difficult if you are constantly worrying about money.  This is why most students strive to win a scholarship based on financial need or academic achievements.  If you are a graduate or an undergraduate student, you need to research the thousands of scholarships available to students just like you.  Review the requirements of the Coca Cola scholarship and learn how to apply for this scholarship so you can live comfortably while you are earning your degree.

What is the Coca Cola Scholarship?

The Coca Cola Scholars Foundation works on behalf of the business and provides scholarships programs to students who are about to graduate high school.  The key purpose of the foundation is to make a difference in the world by helping people who will eventually enter the network of community leaders that will change the generations to come for good.  If you want to learn more about the scholarship opportunity, read on and see who is eligible.

Eligibility Requirements for the Coca Cola Scholars Program

To apply for a scholarship through Coca Cola Scholars, you must meet all of the eligibility requirements for the year.  If you do not meet one of the requirements you should not apply for the scholarship.  The requirements for the scholarship program are as follows:

All Applicants Must:

*  Be a high school senior attending a school in the United States.

*  Be a US citizen, a permanent resident, or a temporary resident at the time of application.

*  be pursuing a high school diploma at the time of the application.

*  earn a 3.0 Grade Point Average on their final report card during the junior year in high school.

*  Planning to enroll in a accredited institution where they will pursue an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Applicants May Not Apply If:

*  They are children or grandchildren of any of the employees or officers of the Coca Cola Company and its subsidiaries.

*  They are already attending college and they are not graduating high school during the year of the application.

When Can You Apply for the Coca Cola Scholarship?

If you are in the process of filling out your applications to colleges you should meet with your counselor to discuss the national scholarships that are available.  One of the many scholarships you may receive information on is the program offered by the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation.  You should review the deadlines of the scholarship so you do not miss it.  If you miss the deadline, the foundation will not accept your application.  Because you only have one year to apply, you will never be eligible again.

The Coca Cola Foundation accepts initial applications between August 1st and October 31st.  If you are a senior graduating in 2013, you should submit your initial application in August, September, or October of 2012.  Make sure you meet with your counselor to discuss the best time to apply so you never miss out on awards you could have received if you stayed organized.

An Overview of the Program

If this is your first time applying for a scholarship you may be very anxious.  You should understand the program before you apply so you know when to look out for notifications and awards.  All high school seniors who apply for the scholarship can apply once a year for four years for the achievement-based scholarship through Coca Cola.  Out of all of the applicants, approximately 2200 of the applicants will receive a letter or an email announcing that they have been selected for the semifinals.  The semifinals notifications will be sent around December 1st.

After you receive the notification you will have to complete the second part of the application process.  The secondary application is where all of the meat of the program is.  You have to send in your official transcripts, two letters of recommendations from professionals, and essays.  When you receive the notification you will be given 4 to 6 weeks to submit all of the final paperwork.  If you do not submit your papers by the due date you will not be eligible for the final review.

After the secondary application, 250 applicants will be announced as finalists.  These applicants will receive the notifications by February and the final interview phase will be held in April.  The National Selection Committee that is made up of professionals from all around the world will take part in 50 different students that will receive the National Scholars award of $20,000.  Another 200 students will receive the Regional Scholars award of $10,000.

Where to Obtain an Application

Now that you know the eligibility requirements for the scholarship and you understand when to apply, you need to find out where to find a scholarship application.  You can ask your high school counseling department for a paper application if you do not have access to the Internet.  In today’s day and age, the easiest way to apply is to log on to the website and download the application.  You will only find the application online once the application is opened.  You can find the open application online as early as August 1st.

When you are filling out your application for the Coca Cola scholarship you should review all of the instructions.  This is a very competitive program and the way that you represent yourself on paper will make all the difference.  If you portray the person you are accurately, you will increase your chances of receiving a call to become a semifinalist.  Be proactive and find ways to fund your college career without taking out high interest loans.  List all of your awards, special skills, honors, community activities, and academic accomplishments and you are a step closer to feeling financially comfortable in college.

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