We are a collective of people devoted to the pursuit of higher education on a completely equal basis, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, physical restrictions,
or income. Our dream is your dream: to fulfill your life’s goals through a college or university education. The only limit is your capacity to learn and your drive to succeed. We are students, educators and administrators, and we have seen to many gifted, ambitious students give up on their dreams of getting a degree because their options seemed limited, largely because of financial constraints.

It is our mandate to help you find the funds to be able to continue in school and attain your goals, to therefore be able to earn a good living in your chosen profession and have the ability to give back to your community, perhaps even to help others follow in your footsteps. We take that one step further; we research and report about financial aid in the form of grants, rather than loans, which are not repayable, as loans are.

Too many students obtain their degrees and enter their careers with a debt load, thanks to student loans, that sees them unable to get ahead for many years. That is a burden that can be avoided. Many of the students that we work so hard to help find grants to fund their post- secondary education have already come from low-income backgrounds and to find themselves in debt after receiving their degree is just another financial hardship they do not need as they surge forth to build a new and better life.

That is our dream: to help you find the grants that are best for you throughout the course of your higher education, from your first ear in college or university,
right through to your post-graduate doctoral degree, if that’s the path you choose. And that’s the key word: choice. If you have the talent and commitment to get your degree, we want to help knock down the barriers and ensure that post-secondary education is attainable and that is what you choose for your life.

Whether you plan to become a family doctor a lawyer or a teacher, or just about any career choice in between, we can help you find the grant that works for you as you work diligently toward your goal and dream. The grants available to students are both focused on a particular career choice and slated towards helping underprivileged persons overcome financial barriers. It’s about rising above the limits to make the most of yourself and then giving back to the world you live in.

This website, www.schoolgrantsguide.net, is structured so that you can find general grants, grants specific to areas of study and levels of grants within the post-secondary stream. Within each page devoted to a certain type of grant, you’ll find tips about applying and strategies to ensure your application gets noticed; we do this by warning you of any qualification criteria that might affect your eligibility. If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to connect with us using the “contact us” link.

What makes you better makes us better, so please be sure to share any information you discover that helps you and others get the grants they need to stay on track with education and the future.